Floral Art is a gifting, design and décor studio that specializes in everything floral – from wedding and party décor to wedding accessories, trousseau packaging as well as our highly in-demand floral jewellery. Started 20 years ago by Kavita Kapur and later joined by her daughter – Srishti, we grew from a humble bouquet “design and delivery” outfit to handling nearly 5-6 events and countless accessories, packaging and floral jewelry units per month. With an expertise in Ikebana, both Kavita and Srishti have a strong understanding of floral arrangements. This has helped us put together arrangements that serve as trendsetters in the industry. We’re proud to say that Floral Art is trusted by celebrities such as Sonam Kapoor (we customised floral jewellery and kaleere for her wedding), Jahnvi Dhawan (baby showed decor) as well as packaging for Shilpa Shetty, among others. However, the focus of Floral Art has always been to innovate and experiment in the realm of florals and come up with designs and decor solutions that break the internet.
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